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About ONIC

ONIC was founded in 2021 on the belief that the future of shopping eyewear is digital. Our mission is to empower independent opticians by directly connecting them to eyewear suppliers, thereby simplifying the buying process and offering high-quality spectacles at unrivaled prices, straight-forward financial terms and logistics. 

ONIC is a digital marketplace taking a data-driven approach to connect independent opticians directly to the best eyewear suppliers. We believe the optic industry has evolved in the wrong direction, becoming an obstacle that holds independent opticians and eyewear suppliers, rather than a tool to help them thrive. We set out to transform and digitalize the industry and create something that doesn’t just unburden opticians from decades-old obstacles, but also provides them with an experience they actually enjoy. ONIC aims to be a partner by helping to level the playing field with our technology, tools and common-sense terms.

Our modern, digital approach lets opticians try-before-they buy, eliminating inventory risk and tied-up capital, thereby empowering opticians to try new products that better serve their customers. This saves time and money, allowing them to focus on what’s most important: building and running their business.


The future of eyewear, together.