ONIC connects eyewear manufacturers directly with independent opticians.

So, how does this work?

Unlike the classic value chain, in which the brand buys from the manufacturer and the distributor then sells to the optician, we simplify and reverse this process. We collect orders from independent opticians via our online platform, bundle these orders and place an submit an order to the producers. ONIC acts as a lean digital intermediary instead of a classic – and rather expensive – middleman. This results in fair prices at exceptional quality.

We collaborate with the highest quality and most prestigious eyewear manufactures worldwide, that produce for various well-known independent brands. One of our producers’ crafts metal frames “Made in Germany” at the edge of the Black Forest. This producer is known for outstanding quality metal work as well as colour coating. Furthermore, we offer Acetate frames hand-made in Asia from Japanese Acetate discs. The symbiosis of high-quality material and a multiple polishing process creates an extraordinary hand-flattering product.