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We want your business to thrive. That’s why we’ve got straight-forward financial terms and logistics. So you can focus on your business and your customers.

Highest Quality Frames

…from world leading eyewear suppliers!
Choose your style and create your own private label.

Fair Prices

…to help you compete!
We remove markups and premiums from intermediaries.

60 Days Payment Terms

…to increase your financial flexibility!
Just sell our products before you pay us.

Free Returns

…to reduce your risk!
We exchange your products to an alternative.

Find exclusive and individual products

The digital marketplace ONIC offers you high-quality eyewear products, authentic designs and latest trends directly from suppliers. Just choose a white label model and – if you wish – create your own private label thereby inventing your own brand. The best part – the sales price calculation is up to you.

Sell products before you
pay us

We offer you financial flexibility to empower you to buy and sell eyewear products without having to pay them upfront. Just choose 60 days invoice payment. This means you can hold onto your cash to cover costs like rent or payroll, while still stocking up on new inventory.


Return unsold eyewear

When ordering via ONIC you will receive free returns. Just try out new eyewear designs, brands and materials and send back the products that do not suit you or your customers. We easily exchange your eyewear products for an alternative.

Compete with fair prices

We want your business to succeed as you compete with big-box competitors in the optic industry. By connecting you directly to suppliers, we take out markups and price premiums for intermediaries and lower your purchase prices without compromising high quality.

Get exclusive product recommendations for your store

ONIC offers you perfect product recommendations exclusively aimed at your business and your customers. Your recommendations are based on your store and clientele characteristics, sales and return data as well as global trend data, for example from social media.

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