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The future of eyewear, together.

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We are so excited about your interest in our digital eyewear marketplace.

ONIC was founded in 2021 on the belief that the future of shopping eyewear is digital. We believe the optic industry has evolved in the wrong direction, becoming an obstacle that holds independent opticians and eyewear suppliers, rather than a tool to help them thrive. We set out to transform and digitalize the industry and create something that doesn’t just unburden opticians from obstacles, but also provides them with an experience they actually enjoy.

Our modern, digital approach lets opticians try-before-they buy, eliminating inventory risk and tied-up capital, thereby empowering opticians to try new products that better serve their customers. We believe that eyewear shoppers are craving the authentic, curated experiences only optician stores like yours can provide. That’s why we made it our purpose to make finding awesome new eyewear products for your store a breeze! Try some of our wonderful products, and return anything that doesn’t work for your clientele for an alternative product. This saves time and money, allowing you to focus on what’s most important: building and running your business.

Our mission is to empower independent opticians by directly connecting them to eyewear suppliers, thereby simplifying the buying process and offering high-quality spectacles at unrivaled prices, straight-forward financial terms and logistics. Additionally, we use machine learning to derive individual purchase recommendations that uniquely fit your clientele and store. We want your business to thrive as you compete with big-box competitors in the optic market. ONIC aims to be a partner by helping to level the playing field with our technology, tools and common-sense terms.

Adrian, Andor and Tobi

More about us

Our team combines technical and economic knowledge with the experience of an optician and brand designer. Together we want to lead the independent optician market into the digital age. Let us take you along and convince yourself.

Adrian Marwitz comes from a traditional optician family, which is already the third generation in the eyewear business. In 2013, he founded his own eponymous label, which he successfully ran for several years. Working in this field taught him a lot about the optical market and he noticed that many independent opticians still work very analog. But times are changing and digitization is advancing in leaps and bounds. So why not bring independent opticians together digitally? The idea for ONIC was born.

Andor Goetzendorff is the man for everything digital. The one who provides the technical infrastructure at ONIC with his IT skills. As a business informatics graduate, Andor has already advised various start-ups and companies on issues relating to innovation processes and complex IT systems. In his doctoral thesis he dealt with complex electronic markets. He came to ONIC because the challenge of founding a company appealed to him and he knew that he could contribute his technical expertise and experience in the B2B sector there.

After completing his studies in finance and management, Tobias Simon started working for a leading insurance group. Here, he managed teams in the mid double-digit range in the areas of sales and process optimization. And because that wasn’t enough for him, he also completed his dissertation in the field of risk management. With his many years of experience in operations, Tobias is primarily responsible for operations and sales at ONIC.

We are a team of three visionaries who want to revolutionize the optics market. Join us on our journey to digitalize the optics industry.

Adrian, Andor and Tobi

Help us shape the future of eyewear, together!


The future of eyewear, together.