flat white soon also available in Havanna

We keep hearing from our customers: “Flat White is a great collection. But is there no Havanna? ” We listen to you!

Our exclusive flat white collection is made from Japanese acetate plates. They are supplied by one of the last major acetate manufacturers in Japan: Takiron Rowland. Currently we are offering 5 colors. In cooperation with the manufacturer, we have started to select an additional color variant. We are very happy that we have found a Havanna tone that is both fashionable and classic at the same time.

Takiron Rowland is a Japanese producer who has been producing one of the highest quality acetates on the eyewear market since 1969. The factory-made acetate sheets have a unique color and texture. Each plate is stored to dry for up to a year before it is handed over to our manufacturer for further processing.

Adrian is inspecting bi-colored acetate plates made by Takiron Rowland

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