Your private label Made in Germany

Let’s face it, for most customers, the optician is the brand. In response to questions like “Hey, those are nice glasses! What kind of glasses is that?” many people answer, “They’re from the optician I trust!

And the concept of a private label is born. Why pay the price premium of a brand when you have been marketing it yourself for years? What’s more, with a private label you are less dependent on brands and the sales pressure that is often associated with them.

The whole thing is very easy to implement: Simply register with ONIC, select frames from various manufacturers, select the private label option, enter the label and send the order.

A great example of successfully building a house brand is our customer David Gerlach. In his store draeger + heerhorst near Göttingen, the house brand “eichsfeldliebe” was established years ago. Since summer 2021, David has been purchasing acetate and metal frames from ONIC and says: “I am very satisfied with the quality of the frames, the easy handling in the web store and the communication with ONIC. The design is in line with the spirit of the times and is very marketable. As a result, we have a fast stock turnover.”

Dear David, thank you very much for your support. We are looking forward to further successful cooperation!

If you are an independent optician and would like to have access to our platform, you can apply for access here.

And if you know a producer who produces high quality frames, or even if you are one yourself, please apply here for a partnership or contact us here.

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