The first deliveries

The time has come. The long wait has been worth it, at least for all the opticians who were involved at the very beginning: The first frames have now been shipped!

Adrian Marwitz delivers the first orders

The process to get there was, of course, a little more challenging than what we had assumed:

Even though we have gone through our business model with all the manufacturers beforehand, our processes can be quite novel at the beginning. Unlike a traditional eyewear brand that orders for a season, we contact each manufacturer at set intervals, which we shorten once there is enough demand for a manufacturer’s products.

To enable manufacturers to better plan their (multi-stage) production process, we have now already started to digitally support manufacturers in their demand planning for our next planned orders. This allows manufacturers to estimate at an early stage when and how much raw material they can obtain for the frames.

And the result? High quality frames that you can display in your store in just a few weeks! In the picture, Adrian can be seen handing off part of the first batch for delivery.

If you are an independent optician and would like to have access to our platform, you can request your access here.

And if you know a manufacturer that produces high-quality eyewear frames, or if you do so, feel free to apply for a partnership here or contact us here.

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