Welcome to ONIC!

Welcome to ONIC! Nice of you to stop by. Maybe you heard about us from a fellow optician, or you saw advertising from us, or we were recommended to you? But what is ONIC anyway?

We took a closer look at the value chain in the eyewear industry and found out: Often it is not the producers of the frames, or the opticians who earn the most from a frame, but it is the other intermediates. There are many reasons for this, but we want to address a number of them with ONIC and make the whole process better, leaner and more digital.

But what is ONIC then?

ONIC is an online platform, where independent opticians can purchase high-quality frames from selected producers.

Worldwide, with low minimum quantity, and very good conditions and prices for opticians and for producers. How does this work? With a return to the origin, to the product itself. No brand advertising, no sales representatives, and only the necessary expenses. Instead, high quality frames at a fair price. And if you do not like the products after all? Just send them back!

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And if you know a manufacturer that produces high-quality eyewear frames, or if you do so, feel free to apply for a partnership here or contact us here.

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