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JUNO - Titanium Made In Germany

A more than 20 year old family business from the north of Germany represents this brand. Only the highest quality titanium is used to produce contemporary eyewear in a combination of handwork and state-of-the-art machinery. A technically innovative hinge and the highest quality coating (PVD) is used to complete all frames. The quality feature “Made in Germany” more than lives up to its very good reputation in this collection.

The collection is labeled “JUNO“, but can also be optionally branded with your own brand and logo.

Adam Stark - Metal Frames "Made in Germany"

These metal frames are hand-made in Germany to the highest precision. The manufacturer has more than 15 years of experience in producing high-quality metal spectacles by combining traditional eyewear craftsmanship and modern technologies, such as a robot-controlled laser welding facility. The on-site paint-shop uses airbrush and laser techniques to ensure color fastness and durability.

The collection is labeled “Adam Stark“, but can also be optionally branded with your own brand and logo.

Flat White - Japanese Acetate Frames

This line uses only the finest quality of acetate from the homeland of acetate fabrication – Japan. The Hong Kong based manufacturer has a decade-long experience in using Japanese acetate to produce hand-made eyewear. For the excellent finish, the manufacturer uses cutting-edge technologies such as a distinguished polishing process, making these products stand out in your store. Get ready to exceed your customers’ expectations.

The collection is labeled “flat white“, but can also be optionally branded with your own brand and logo.

Tumult - 3D Printed In Germany

State-of-the-art machines and many years of experience are reflected in the product and combine trendy design with the best quality, which is unparalleled in 3D printing. made with passion stands here for the love of eyewear design and the joy of being able to produce in Germany under the best conditions. From the sketch to the fully assembled product – simply a good pair of glasses.

The collection is labeled “tumult“, but can also be optionally branded with your own brand and logo.

Madison - Italian Acetate and German Stainless Steel

Quality is the attention to detail. The manufacturer works according to this principle day after day to remain true to the brand and the name Made in Germany, and combines in this collection A-Grade Mazzucchelli acetate with stainless steel to create a collection of timeless frames.

The collection is labeled “Madison“, but can also be optionally branded with your own brand and logo.

Pillow - Handmade European Design from Poland

Pillow Eyewear combines a unique style based on premium materials from Italy. Handcrafted, with an eye for optimal comfort and durability.

The collection is labeled “Pillow”. Branding with your own brand and logo is sadly not possible for now.

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We believe the future of shopping eyewear is digital

“Our mission is to empower independent opticians by connecting them directly to eyewear suppliers, thereby simplifying the buying process and offering straight-forward financial terms and logistics. ONIC will help you to easily find high-quality products that your customers will love. Let’s shape the future of eyewear, together.”

We believe the future of shopping eyewear is digital – and that’s why we developed ONIC. ONIC is a digital marketplace that addresses the needs of independent opticians and eyewear suppliers. As an independent optician, you get access to high-quality and exclusive eyewear products directly from the world’s best suppliers. As a manufacturer, ONIC allows you digitalize your order and sales processes.

We want to reduce your risk and offer you free returns. We guarantee that you can return your first ONIC order with a 100% refund. For subsequent orders, we offer you the flexibility to return products that do not suit you or your customers. We easily exchange them for an alternative. That way, you can try out new eyewear designs and materials without any risks.

We offer you financial flexibility. When ordering via ONIC, you do not have to pay the products upfront. We developed an option for you to pay purchased products as late as 60 days after receiving them. This means you can hold onto your cash to cover fix costs, while still stocking up on new eyewear inventory.

We are constantly looking for high-quality eyewear suppliers all over the planet to offer you an amazing and exclusive product selection. By connecting independent opticians directly to our suppliers, we are able to offer you unrivaled purchase prices. Additionally, ONIC offers you product recommendations exclusively aimed at your business and customers. Your recommendations are based on your store and clientele characteristics, sales and return data as well as global trend data. Based on all that information, we use machine learning to derive perfect purchase recommendations for your business. We analyze and recommend – your business grows! We thereby aim to level the playing field for independent opticians against big-box competitors in the optic market.

We guarantee to provide spare parts for our products for a long period of time. Your spare parts will be delivered quickly and straightforward. In general, we keep a small stock on site at our suppliers and are thus able to initiate shipping within a few days.
There is no catch! We believe ONIC empowers independent opticians, eyewear brands and manufacturers to compete with big-box competitors in the optic market. ONIC aims to be a partner by helping to level the playing field with our technology, tools and common-sense terms.

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We connect selected independent opticians with the best manufacturers worldwide

Unlike the classic value chain, in which the brand buys from the manufacturer and the distributor then sells on to the optician, we turn the path around and simplify it. We work with better manufacturers and strip away the unnecessary add-on costs that are standard among traditional luxury brands.

The result? Exceptional quality, fair prices, and straight-forward terms and conditions.