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Finest and highest eyewear quality products

Metal frames "Made in Germany"

Our metal frames are hand-made in Germany to the highest demands on quality and design. The color is applied to the frame with many manual steps to satisfy the highest demands.

Japanese Acetate frames

We source our raw Acetate material from the homeland of Acetate frames – Japan. Our manufacturer finishes each frame with a distinguished polishing process, making our products stand out in your store.

We believe the future of the optic industry is digital

Our mission is to empower independent opticians to grow their business. By directly connecting opticians and suppliers, simplifying the buying process and offering straight-forward financial terms and logistics, we’re here to help you find quality  products and grow your business.

We believe the future of the optic industry is digital – and that’s why we developed ONIC. ONIC is a digital marketplace that addresses the needs of independent opticians, eyewear manufacturers and brands. ONIC empowers independent opticians to grow their business, make business decisions, allows eyewear manufacturers to digitalize their order processes and offers brands easy access to independent opticians worldwide. Let’s shape the future of eyewear together.

Among our product selection, we additionally offer you product recommendations exclusively aimed at your business and customers. Your recommendations are based on store and customer characteristics, ONIC data from sales and returns as well as trend data f.e. from social media. Based on all that data, we derive individual purchase recommendations for your business. We analyze and recommend – your business grows.

We want to reduce your risk. When ordering via ONIC, you will receive free returns. Just try out new eyewear designs, brands and materials and send back the products that do not suit you and your customers. We easily exchange your eyewear products for an alternative.

We developed ONIC specifically for independent opticians. As a digital marketplace, we offer you an easy place for purchasing high-quality eyewear products directly from suppliers at affordable prices. Therefore we are constantly looking to find new products, brands and manufacturers all over the planet for your business. Our brand store offers you exclusive eyewear brands and latest trends. Additionally, ONIC offers you the possibility to buy directly from manufacturers. Here you can buy our white label eyewear products or easily create your private label thereby inventing your own brand for your customers.

We want to offer you financial flexibility to empower you to focus on your business and customers. As a result, you do not have to pay ONIC eyewear products upfront. Together with our financial provider, we developed an option for you to pay purchased products as late as 60 days after receiving them. This means you can hold onto your cash to cover fix costs, while still stocking up on new eyewear inventory.

There is no catch! We believe ONIC empowers independent opticians, eyewear brands and manufacturers to compete with large optic chains. ONIC aims to be a partner by helping to level the playing field with our technology, tools and common-sense terms.

Grow your business with us

We want your business to thrive. That’s why we’ve got straight-forward financial terms and logistics. So you can focus on your business and your customers. 

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